Moove & Groove

Specialised seniors silent disco tour experience

discoDtours has developed a seniors dance/exercise program called MOOVE AND GROOVE which introduces the magical experience of silent disco to seniors !

A specialized seniors silent disco tour experience has been developed in conjunction with a music therapist and exercise physiologist. discoDtours was awarded a NSW govt grant to develop the program and has completed a successful pilot 8 week program of weekly 1hr classes lead by a trained instructor onsite at RSL Retirement Village at Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Participants are lead on a guided dance routine both inside and outside in the natural environment of the village. They listen to a specifically selected and edited music track with wireless headphones with adjustable volume. Despite the disco being “silent” this experience provides a unique way to connect people, in that complete strangers can do a tour together and feel “connected”. They step out of their comfort zones “together” and are given permission to “loose their inhibition” and in doing so experience the joy and happiness of silent disco.

This experience combines three traditional stand along therapies into one unique experience namely dance, music and exercise. Participants benefit as they are healthier, happier and more connected. As part of the pilot we measured changes across those metrics.

We are currently running classes ongoing for non-independent and independent Seniors. A small fee for independent Seniors is applicable per class.

No bookings necessary

NARRABEEN RSL VILLAGE Montgomery Centre- 9.45 and 11am Fridays ongoing from Jan 2018 ( $7)

MANLY SENIOR CITIZENS - 10am tuesday and Thursdays ongoing from Jan 2018 ( $7)

BYRON BAY - 10am Thursdays @ Byron Bay Seniors Hall from Feb 1 2018 ( $10).

Just email us if you would like to come along - or just drop in - no bookings required!

Check out our VIDEO for our seniors program by clicking HERE

Read our recent ABC story HERE

We have also recently completed a specialised dementia specific study funded by the NSW Government’s livable communities grant. We are seeing some significant benefits for dementia patients in term of

- high engagement

- exercise participation

- reduced agitation

- increased cognition

and overall happiness and mental health.

Many of these benefits extend for hours beyond the class finishing. Families are also enjoying the benefits with many participating in the classes with their loved ones.

If you would like more details of the program or would like to bring Moove and Groove to your retirement village or aged care home bookings can be made by emailing us or call our Program Director Sally on 0412105468.

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RSL Retirement Village, Narabeen

Jennifer - "Its a great intative for older people.. it gets us moving and energised..its a happy experience and we are learning dance moves!" Margaret - " it is the best way to exercise with music and mixing with people"

RSL Retirment Village Narabeen

Mary - "When I registered to be part of a pilot program I was very unsure of my ability to dance and exercise, as I had some problems after a motor bike accident several years earlier. I very much enjoyed the experience and so glad I got out of my comfort zone to participate."


" We think it is amazing and gets us moving"